I’m sorry it’s taking you so long to get hired after doing a UX bootcamp or education program. And, I’m sorry this whole experience of trying to land an entry-level UX role, switch careers into UX, or climb to the next level in your existing UX career has been so overwhelming and likely tainted your impression of a career in UX.

It must be incredibly frustrating that you spent a lot of time and money on a program that, in some cases, had some type of job guarantee. …

In the 17 years of my career thus far, I’ve finally come to accept one key thing:

I’ll never shake Imposter Syndrome.

I feel it every single day — the nagging voice whispering about how I’m not good enough, that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that it’s only a matter of time before everyone realizes I’m a phony.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve spoken at conferences and taught workshops all over the world, or that my work has been published on Inside Design, X, X, and several other sites. …

After reviewing over 100 UX portfolios in the past year, I realized that many UX designers struggle to create a portfolio website that has … well, a good UX. It’s ironic. But, I can see how this happens.

A portfolio website is a content website. And designing a content website may be new to you if you’ve been working on SaaS products, internal tools, or other products that are not “content sites”.

When it comes to creating your own website, you struggle because you don’t have months or years of experience thinking about content websites, playing with different layouts, understanding…

At least once a week, someone emails me to ask which UX education program they should take, ranging from masters degree programs to short in person bootcamps and self-paced online programs.

Here’s the thing, I can NOT tell you which one is best for you! And I can’t tell you that because I don’t know you and your unique situation.

But my inbox is so flooded with this question, that it’s clear you are overwhelmed with this decision. There are so many programs available today. They are all competing for your dollars. …

Have you ever thought …

“I’m a UX Designer. So why can’t I design my own UX Portfolio?”

Here’s the problem.

You are your own worst client. You’re too critical. You’re stuck in the weeds. You’re designing in a vacuum and you’re focusing on details that probably don’t matter.

You know when you’re working on a project and a client or stakeholder or someone goes down a rabbit hole … and won’t stop talking about it. And despite what anyone says, they can’t stop focusing on that thing?

And you’re sitting there in the meeting thinking, “it doesn’t matter!!!!!!!”


Photo credit: Sarah Doody

I used to be a huge perfectionist. Let’s be real, sometimes, I still am. And I’m guessing, maybe you are too.

Being a perfectionist resulted in not launching a ton of my ideas over the years. If I’d only launched __________ 3 years ago, where would I be now?

Finally last winter something clicked and I just started launching. I knew I had to get my ideas out into the world, test, tweak, and repeat. So, in the past 10 months I launched:

  • My first physical product: a 32-page notebook for UX designers.
    Update: Now discontinued because it sold out!

It felt like two hours, though I’m not entirely sure. Naturally, I wasn’t wearing a watch and didn’t have my iPhone. Given that it was the middle of the night, the rest of the apartment and neighboring apartments were silent, and I didn’t have the sounds of the city to give me any clues about what time it was either.

I could feel my eyes getting heavy, not to mention the airplane sized bathroom was heating up. Even the cat kept dozing on and off, alternating between sleeping on a shelf and curling up on my lap.

It was at…

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“I think I can relate to the user because I want to be one”.

The other day I got an email from someone who wanted advice on how to convince the founder of the company they’re at that they should do more user research.

The founder repeatedly justified not doing research with the argument, “I think I can relate to the user because I want to be one”.

For context, the startup…

In January 2008, I signed up for Twitter after a friend recommended it because he heard … it was going to be big.

At the time, Twitter users were largely early technology adopters, which was gold for me. I had just moved to NYC that summer and Twitter allowed me to engage with the NYC tech community as well as have access to and learn from people all over the world.

So when Jack Dorsey, the current CEO of Twitter and one of its co-founders, recently asked users what they wished Twitter would do or improve in 2017, I had…

Can we talk about this screen for a moment? How many times a day do you see this screen? If you’re like me, too many.

Sarah Doody

I help UX professionals get their next UX role. Watch my free UX portfolio masterclass here 🍿: www.bit.ly/6portfolio-tips

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